Equipment vendor financing can help boost your sales.

Equipment Vendor Financing

Three ways to take your equipment vendor business to the next level.

Increase your sales

Actively promoting our fast, easy financing options can help you sell more equipment

Get paid faster

Get funded for deals quickly, and that means you will get paid faster and maintain positive cash flow.

Gain an advantage

Offering a convenient way to secure financing can help create an edge over your competitors.

What your customers need to qualify.

Ipply Global Companies can provide equipment financing to your customers even if they have less-then-perfect credit.  They just need to meet our basic requirements.  Businesses that have been operating for at least one year and have annual revenues of at least $300,000 are good candidates.

Track your sales transactions anytime, anywhere.

When you become a Ipply Global Companies vendor partner, you will have access to our online sales management system, Partner Portal. This is our cloud-based management system that lets you run sales reports, create estimates, submit applications, and connect directly with our underwriters with your credit-related questions. Partner Portal even has e-signature capability. All of these amazing features save time and allow you to focus on your customers and your sales efforts.

Digital marketing support to support your sales efforts.

Ipply Global Companies offers a variety of marketing solutions that can be customized with your vendor company’s branding. Our talented in-house digital marketing team creates landing pages, website banner links, digital PDF flyers, and more.

Why choose Ipply Global Companies for your vendor business?

Looking for an equipment financing partner can be confusing. You want an experienced direct lender that understands your vendor business, and that can meet the financing needs of your customers. Our Direct Lending Partners have been doing robust business in the vendor space for many years, and we have earned a reputation for great customer service.

our equipment vendor financial Expert awaits


Please provide us your business contact information so we can help you start to unlock business sales needs with proven equipment financing solutions.

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