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Ipply Global Companies Equipment Finance works with companies across all industries to acquire all the equipment they need. Our experienced team will work hard to get you the equipment lease you need. Our leases are flexible and allow for upgrades throughout the lease term. Depending on the structure – the control is in your hands to return and upgrade or to simply purchase the equipment at the end of the term.

We provide specialized lease options for the Insurance Industry.

We know Insurance – More importantly, we understand WHY insurers lease equipment. Whether you are concerned about RBC ratios or Surplus, we can structure a solution that will work for you.

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Ipply Global Companies Equipment Finance program offers several equipment leasing options to ensure you will find the right one for your business.

First Amendment Lease

This structure allows for one or more purchase options through the lease term or required lease extensions if no purchase is exercised. This structure can provide your business with low lease payments and potential Operating Lease accounting treatment while reducing residual uncertainty.

Dollar Out

An equipment financing agreement that is a full-payout, non-cancelable agreement where the Lessee will purchase the leased property at the end of the lease for $1.00. The lease term typically approximates the useful economic life of the leased property. The Lessee will be the owner of the property for tax purposes and will be required to maintain and insure the leased property.

P.U.T. (Purchase Upon Termination)

A non-cancelable, full-payout equipment financing agreement in which the Lessee agrees to purchase all the leased property for a predetermined price at the end of the lease. P.U.T. values typically range from 10% to 20% depending upon the term and the estimated leased property value. This structure is typically used where the Lessee wants to keep the tax benefits of ownership but also wants a low payment.

Tax Lease

A lease where the Lessor will keep all tax benefits of ownership. Because our program picks up the tax benefits, we can pass savings to you in the form of lower payments. The lease can then be structured as an operating or capital lease depending on your needs.

Non-Tax Lease

Lessee receives all benefits of tax ownership. Almost all Equipment Financing Agreements (capital leases) are structured this way. One exception is a Synthetic Lease, where the lease is structured as a non-tax lease for tax purposes, but structured as an operating lease (FASB 13 compliant) for accounting purposes. This is an ideal structure if your company would like to expense the lease payments as rent for accounting purposes, yet maintain the associated tax depreciation benefits of ownership.

FMV / Modified FMV

A non-cancelable lease for a fixed term. At the end of the lease, the Lessee will have options to purchase the property for the fair market value (FMV) of the property, extend the lease or return the property. Modifications can be made to this structure to help reduce your payments while protecting investment in the lease.


Manufacturing is capital intensive, and expensive specialized equipment is a must have. Our highly-trained team will structure transactions to minimize your upfront investment, remove down payment requirements and structure a payment solution that will better match your project expenses to the projected revenue stream. All while keeping pace with the latest technology and money saving advances.

Equipment Typically Leased
CNC Machinery, Production Lines, Packaging Equipment, Injection Molding Machinery, Welding, Textile Fabrication, Material Handling Equipment and more.



Having the best up-to-date medical equipment is vital to providing top-quality healthcare services. Our healthcare leasing solutions will allow your organization to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our leases are flexible and allow for upgrades throughout the lease term. Depending on the structure – the control is in your hands to return and upgrade or to simply purchase the equipment at the end of the term.

Equipment Typically Leased
MRI’s & CAT Scan Machines, Surgical and Imaging Equipment, Sterilization, HIPPA Compliant Software, Hospital Beds, Pumping Equipment and more.


Having the right construction equipment for each job can make a world of difference to the success and growth of your business. The right construction equipment will make your company stand out from the competition and get jobs done on time. Our cash-flow focused leasing solutions allow you to use new or used equipment for a fraction of the cost to better match the costs to the revenue it will create for you.

Equipment Typically Leased
Bulldozers, Tractors, Cranes, Excavation Machinery, Surveying Equipment, Concrete Mixers and Trucks, Screening Equipment and more.


Over one billion dollars of restaurant equipment is leased in the USA each year. Ipply Global Companies understands the critical nature of this equipment to the success of your restaurant. Let us structure a lease to deal with the large upfront equipment purchase costs and provide a cash-flow solution that will work for you.

Equipment Typically Leased
Commercial ovens, Venting, Grills, Fryers, Ice Machines, Furniture/Fixtures and more.


Our flexible leasing structures can help you get the farming equipment you need with a lease that is right for you. Whether it’s the flexibility of having upgrade options available to you or seasonal payments, we’ll work hard to get you the terms and equipment you need when you need them.

Equipment Typically Leased
Combines, Cutters, Planters, Seeders, Sprinklers, Greenhouse, Hydroponics and more.

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