Cyber Security

Your Advanced Cyber Defense Partner

Your Advanced Cyber Defense Partner

Information security breaches are becoming increasingly sophisticated and growing in frequency, making it nearly impossible for your technology team to keep up with the number and nature of threats and possible intrusions into your business-critical IT and communications infrastructure.

Business Continuity — Protect Your Business from Real-Time, Persistent Threats

Every business has valuable information that cybercriminals want whether it’s intellectual property, client or employee identification data, or financials. The tactics that threat actors use to access this data is evolving in sophistication – and so is their ammunition.

Only a continually evolving security action plan can truly protect your business against these perpetually emerging threats. IGC’s security experts work with you to develop a tailored security solution using contextual, actionable and proactive cybersecurity technologies and methodologies so you can focus on your core competencies.

Managed Detection and Response

IGCs Global Enterprise Security Operations Centre (GSOC) was built with the purpose to meet the physical and network security compliance standards required by government, financial, healthcare and telecommunications industries. With decades of front line experience in security management, we developed a market-leading security methodology around our people, process, and technologies. Through key partner initiatives with industry leaders, we offer contextual and actionable cyber security intelligence to many different market segments.

Our continually evolving security Intelligence platform leverages over 160 different threat sources across 100 different indicator types to proactively offer early warning and actionable information on trending Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) to protect your business against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Managed Detection and Response solutions include:

  • Log management
  • Event correlation and analysis
  • 24 x 7 x 365 security incident response
  • Detailed and actionable reporting and consultation
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Data Security Solutions – Fully Managed, Co-Managed, & Self-Managed Options

IGC is an extension of your security staff, assisting in preventing, detecting and responding to advanced malicious threats. Our data security experts have over two decades of security experience and are ready to help protect your business utilizing NGFW, Content and Web Filtering, Authentication and Identity Management, Cloud Security and Encryption. Depending on your needs, these solutions can be delivered in a wide variety of options, from fully managed to co-managed and self-managed.

Security Solutions include:

  • NGFW
  • Host and Network IDS/IPS
  • Security Device Log Monitoring
  • Content and Web Filtering
  • Authentication Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Security Encryption

Professional Solutions & Consulting to Nurture Business Continuity

IGC delivers a comprehensive suite of information security solutions which offers technology, global threat visibility and deep security expertise in every organization. Our consultants are well-versed in industry standards and regulatory compliance requirements. We work with you to effectively and efficiently manage the risks to your business.

Professional Solutions & Consulting includes:

  • Compliance/Certification
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Architecture and Integration
  • IR & Forensics
  • Security Program Development
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
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