Accelerating the Enterprise Speed

Ipply Global Companies understands the pressing need for enterprises to innovate and keep pace with evolving technology. We enable enterprises to accelerate and transform through a range of connectivity, cloud infrastructure, security and other solutions. Power the world’s leading companies with innovative solutions and secure bandwidth over an exceptional, global network.

Ipply Global Companies Enterprise Difference

Transformative Enterprise Solutions

Deliver the solutions that meet shifting technology requirements and enable innovation with our flexible solutions.

Future-Ready Global Infrastructure

Connect your locations with our diverse fiber infrastructure that serves as a secure foundation to easily layer on new solutions and applications.

Proven Expertise

Our fiber and data infrastructure assets serve the largest and fastest growing companies in the world.

Effortless Interactions

We work with you on your terms. Experience difference – deep expertise and responsive customer service, with a powerful online applications.

“IGC understands how we want to grow our organization and they’re ready to help us develop and stage the solutions to support our business goals — and that’s imperative to our future.”

What You Expect is What We Deliver

Increased Productivity

Empower your staff to spend time on projects that differentiate your business, not managing your network and applications. Our high-performance infrastructure can improve network performance and drive operational efficiencies.

Efficiencies from the Cloud

Seamlessly integrate cloud infrastructure solutions into your enterprise operations. We offer dedicated connectivity to providers such as AWS and Azure, critical cloud-based business applications, cloud hosting through our data centers and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions.

Customized Protection

Safeguard your network and critical assets from evolving online threats with our full suite of cyber security solutions.

Single Provider Solutions

Focus on your business, not your IT. We have a full range of solutions that meet the needs of enterprise organizations like yours – saving you time and money.

Enterprise Products


Connect all your locations, to the internet and to cloud providers.

  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • E-LAN (VPLS)
  • SD-WAN
  • E-Line (EPL, EVC, EVPL)
  • FlexConnect
  • CloudLink


Connect all your locations, to the internet and to cloud providers.

  • Private Cloud (IaaS)
  • Object-Based Storage (OBS)
  • Disaster Recovery as Service (DRaaS)


Connect all your locations, to the internet and to cloud providers.

  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Managed & Cloud Firewall
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Risk & Compliance Consulting
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