High Capacity to Meet Bandwidth Demand


optical Wavelength service provides dedicated bandwidth to major data centers, carrier hotels, and enterprise locations across our long-haul and metro networks. You get predictable latency and high capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications.

The Wavelengths solution enables you to:

  • Access 1G, 2.5G, 10G or 100G routes and connectivity between Tier 1-5 major markets in the United States and Europe, including metro DWDM throughout Paris and data center connectivity in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Dublin
  • Leverage low-latency routes for rapid solutions between essential markets – ideal for financial and carrier industries and enterprises
  • Securely connect high-bandwidth facilities within a metro or between cities with a dedicated fiber and optical network

Solution Overview

  • 1G, 2.5G, 10G, 40G & 100G, OTU2, OTU4
  • Static route path allows for known latency and better control over your network
  • Dedicated bandwidth ensures that you will always have access to the bandwidth you purchase
  • Static path with dedicated bandwidth
  • Primary and diverse path to ensure your network is always up and running
  • Using Zayo for both paths ensures no overlap in fiber or conduit with another carrier
  • Provides built-in network protection without adding a service layer
  • Zayo handles the protection so you don’t have to
  • Multipoint to multipoint options enable multiple locations to address redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Allows customers the scalability and economic advantages of dark fiber without the associated management and capital required
  • Solutions for customers with current or forecast bandwidth needs of 500G to 2TB
  • Bulk waves and managed spectrum offered
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